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Photo by Julie Hall.

26 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Jim Hall says:

    Classy web site!! Should be popular. Jim

  2. Dani says:

    Way to go, guys–this was needed on our island! I look forward to using it!

  3. Erin Dombrowe says:

    Hey – nicely done. I was looking over your outside section, and I have a link you may want to explore and write a blurb about, or simply share. It is a COBI site that adresses all island shoreline access, including parks, road ends, and shore-view roads.

    • redhare says:

      Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestion Erin. I've been intending to tackle the issue of shoreline access on the Island, so your resource is greatly appreciated! As we build our site content, we will be expanding our Outside section, and this will really help that process. Thanks again.

  4. Johanna Branley says:

    I suggest a link for music under arts and culture. I'll get my husband to submit an article on the Island Music Center, the non-profit music school in Rolling Bay. He's the president of the Board for IMC.
    Lots of fun exploring other parts of the site, but the home page is a little busy….

  5. salandpen says:

    Thank you, Johanna, for your comment. We appreciate your feedback. The home page IS busy–there's so much going on on our little island! And we are very interested in writing something about the Island Music Center–it's on our slate. Please have your husband contact us with his e-mail or phone; whatever works best for him. We will contact him to schedule an interview.

  6. Kathy says:

    Really , really love this web-site. How do we get our business on your site??? Kathy [email protected]

  7. Dani says:

    Hey Gang,

    I know you're still building your directory section, but in the drop-down menu, you've omitted the option for Personal Trainers. This, of course, is of great interest to me. :)
    The site is looking excellent—you are filling many, many needs. Well done.

    • salandpen says:

      Hey, Dani! No, we haven’t omitted it–we just haven’t built it yet! We’re working hard to get all the pages done. I promise it will be up on the next few days. Sorry about the delay! :)

  8. Sondra Kay says:

    Hey Y'all…nice website.
    I would love to talk with you about advertising my personal concierge service; HELP IS ON THE WAY. Please contact me at 206-498-0086 or

  9. Dana Rosenbaum says:

    Julie and Sarah, I was prompted by the signposts along the roadside to check what is UP on the rock. Looks that you have found an agreeable niche for your talents. Best of luck to you,


  10. Mary Jo Blazina says:

    Just made Inside Bainbridge my homepage. A great community-based resource for all things Bainbridge–thank you!

  11. Karyn Lane says:

    Congratulations to Sarah and Julie on a very professional, fun, and informative web site. Very creative…very impressive. (Also, to Charles.) The brains of the family are definitely located in the Seattle area…and the other end in the Bay Area.

  12. Kate – Blakely House says:

    Just found this — and found you two!!!! Congrats, I hope all is well over on Bainbridge!!!

  13. Kim Gurney says:

    Where did you get those giant lincoln logs? They look like so much fun!

  14. katermarin says:

    Sarah Lane?

  15. katermarin says:

    I've just sent you a mail, are you William and Dorothy Lane's daughter that lived in Greece many years ago?

  16. I think you are the best newspaper on the island. Your stories are timely, up to date and interesting. I also like the completely local focus and prefer independent newspapers not linked to larger companies. Good job Inside Bainbridge!

  17. Mike Gormley says:

    Veteran's Day Rememberences:

    Death walked among us in Dark Fury.

    To pause, choose, and move on.

    Leaving the Chosen, lying as found.

  18. Norm Keegel says:

    Thanks for publishing article about UTC asking PSE to re-consider using Colstrip in Montana to generate some of our electricity. Makes no sense for the environment and for the economic health of the company.

  19. MibbleMibble says:

    The Elves On The Rock is on the move! We are in the process of becoming a full fledged non-profit. Our website is Also located here:
    Elves On The Rock

  20. Greg millerd says:

    A small fire in the wooded area west of Ordway north of the High School athletic fields was found around 10 pm last night. BIFD crews were able to get the fire under control quickly. The damage was likely limited to a small wooded area. Don’t think but unlikely anyone was hurt.


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